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An Excellent Primer on Anglicanism from Christianity.com

Christianity.com recently posted an article by Barton Gingerich, titled The Anglican Church: 10 Things Christians Should Know.

It is an excellent primer for those curious about Anglicanism and a great refresher for those already in the tradition. We commend the article to you.

It covers such things as:

  1.  How the Anglican Church came to be
  2.  The origins of the Book of Common Prayer
  3.  Queen Elizabeth & The Church of England
  4. The second death & restoration of Anglicanism
  5.  What Anglicans believe today
  6.  Anglican Sacraments
  7.  The parties and “flavors” of Anglicanism
  8.  The Anglican life
  9.  The Anglican realignment
  10.  The Anglican Church in North America